above: the nearly absent wake of the 25XL

Here is the deal with the 25XL: We took everything we've learned in our 15 years of building coaching launches; fixing them; and listening to great coaches; and put all of that wisdom into the design of this extraordinary boat. It is the ultimate coaching tool.

Construction: Durable monocoque construction. Impact resistant, sunlight resistant. Eight marvelously watertight compartments.

Rescue: We've designed these hulls to be slim and low wake when lightly loaded: even lower wake than our gold standard 25C! But the same boat becomes a solid rescue platform when loaded down.

Comfort: The 25XL seats three across. The cockpit moves fore and aft for easy exit and warmth, and also for perfect fore/aft trim no matter how many passengers. Available cockpit heater for all weather coaching. Consider the available bimini top for shade: if coaching is your career, it only makes sense to protect yourself as much as is practical from the ravages of sun and weather. The advances in pragmatism in the 25XL makes it possible. Truly ergonomic design spares your back and puts the things you need -- strokewatch, clipboard, and more -- right at hand.

Storage beneath seat with available locking.Steers just fine without a rudder. A trailer is available for easy transportation.

Altogether a really really smooth ride with advancements in all the right places.

below: a heavily overloaded 25XL, still bouyant and stable.
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.the 25XL / 25C comparison.

.another clip of 25XL vs 25C.

.the 25XL's movable cockpit.

.the 25XL with 4 people.