above: the newick31. the newick32 is one foot longer.

Responding to our customers wishes for a larger version of the 25C, Still Water contacted Dick Newick -- a respected naval architect -- to help us develop a 31 ft cat. Perfect for entertaining alumni, parents, or multiple coaches in style, the Newick31 was invented.

The Newick32 is the same great boat, but with an additional foot added. It has seating for 8 to 10 persons, plus the driver.

We're proud to say that the increased size and weight of the Newick32 has not increased the wake!

Utilized as the FISA camera launch at the 1999 FISA World Rowing Championships in St Catherines, Ontario, the Newick32 proves it does not trade speed for size! The standard seating arrangement has a driver's chair and two benches along the side that seat four a piece. An additional bench for two or three additional people can be placed at the back of the cockpit (as seen in the photo on left). Alternately, there is a seating configuration available that will wrap the cockpit area in one continuous bench.

Our Newick32 is built with the same materials and processes as the popular 25C. It tips the scales a little heavier than it's 25ft partners, weighing around 600lbs when empty.

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  Specifications for the Newick32  



Beam (width)

Draft (depth)

Top Speed


Weight (empty)








32 ft

8 ft

24 in

20 knots (23mpg/37kph)

30 hp

600 lbs (272 kg) w/o engine


Fiberglass cloth & foam core sandwiched with marine grade plywood reinforcements and aluminum cross members, hardware, and rudder

Vacuum bagged epoxy
lay-up (click the red photo in series above)

Two 4-5 person benches, plus driver's seat.

Recommended: 8-10 people or 2000 lbs (907kg)







2 or 4 stroke


other colors available



extra 2-3 person bench


Running Lights