above: A Duo 18 in the shop ready to ship.

It has been a long time coming, but at last Still Water Design is pleased to introduce our newest launch the Duo 18.

Our goal was to replace our popular Solo 18 with a boat designed to regularly carry a driver and passenger and still fit in the same slip at the dock. 

The answer was to add a third hull.

We have made many other improvements as well;

There are two cup holders.

We re-shaped the bows to reduce accumulation of debris.

We added a boarding ladder and bow eye.

We have a grip rail that runs the perimeter of the deck to help in a rescue situation.

There is a well for gas and battery stowage.

Each hull and the deck box are totally isolated and independent, offering a total displacement over 3000 lbs.

Buoyancy foam is included to keep the launch afloat even if all compartments are compromised.

Any water that comes over the gunwhale quickly drains away.

Positioning the motor behind the third hull has also greatly enhanced maneuverability.

The Duo 18 is our most affordable launch.

Call or email for the latest pricing.

above: A Duo 18 viewed from the stern.
below: A Duo 18 at speed.