above: the globally popular 25C catamaran launch in taiwan

The Still Water 25C is by far our most popular design. It's just the right combination of being big enough to carry four in luxury (up to 11 persons in an emergency!), yet small enough to be quite manueverable and easily dealt with on dry land.

The 25C began its life as an early prototype of Dick Pereli's in 1987. Dick knew that rowing coaches needed a stable, safe platform which could spend almost 100% of its time at the traditionally enormous wake-producing speeds of 10-20 knots. This problem has been around since rowing and power boats have shared the same water ways. The solutions is a lightweight catamaran design which produces almost no discernible wake.

We don't cut corners at Still Water, and as our flagship, the 25C has proven the tests of time again and again. We have produced about two hundred 25C's since 1994 using only the highest quality epoxy resins and composite lay-ups (for a picture of a lay-up, click the red photo on the Newick32 page). The natural properties of our materials and quality construction gives our customers boats that will last countless seasons.

Our design has had a few changes incrementally since its inception in '87, showing that good designs can be improved upon but needn't be "fixed". In 2005, we took some chances on putting together a package of options that would create an expansion of the 25C's traits; a unique approach that would amplify the launch's already superior safety, simplicity, and comfort. This has yielded the introduction of the 25XL (click here to see), a truly powerful, sleek, and satisfying vessel that is both a continuation of the 25C's luxury and an astounding increase in safety modifications.

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  Specifications for the 25C Launch  



Beam (width)

Draft (depth)

Top Speed

Engine (not included)

Weight (empty)







26 ft

6 ft

6 in (15.2 cm)
w/o rudder or engine

18 in (45.7 cm)
with engine

24 in (61 cm)
with rudder

18 knots
(20.7 mph or 33.3 kph)

15 hp long shaft

400 lbs (181 kg) w/o engine


Fiberglass cloth & foam core sandwich with marine grade plywood reinforcements and aluminum cross members, hardware, and rudder

Vacuum bagged
epoxy lay-up

One 2-person bench







2 or 4 stroke


other colors available



Pedestal seating,
backseat bench

Windshield, Running lights