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frequently asked questions

Here are some common inquiries we get from customers. We encourage you to read through this information to become familiar with working with us and using and maintaining our products.  Please feel free to ask any questions you don't see answered here.

I. Ordering

II. Pricing Policies

III. Shipping and Delivery

9. How do you ship your boats?
10. Can I come pick up my order from you in person?

IV. Turnaround

V. Safety, Proper Usage of Vessels

VI. Maintenance and Storage



1. How do I order a vessel from Still Water Design?
Look over our website and when you have some idea what you are looking for, please call Jeff Myjak at 617 308 5820 or you can contact him via email at jeff@stillwaterdesign.com.   Don't expect a high pressure sales pitch.  We have found a short phone conversation can help to clarify the ordering process and specify any options you may require.  Once we have figured out which products will meet your needs, we will provide you with either an estimate or an invoice depending upon how your procurement process works.  Typically
an estimate is submitted to your institution's purchasing department and they generate a purchase order.  We can not ad your order to our build list until we receive a purchase order or prepayment, so it is key that we receive one as soon as possible.

2. Is there anything that my launch requires that I would also need to purchase?
Your new launch will come ready to have an outboard motor installed.  We provide the steering system complete with steering cable.  You will need to purchase a "long shaft" outboard motor with controls and cables.  Engines often come with a gas tank, but if your engine is electric start you will also need a battery and box.

When discussing your order we will let you know what options are available for your launch.  These might include; running lights, additional seating, bottom paint, and trailers.

You should also remember to equip your launch with all the necessary safety equipment.;  PFD's, signalling devices, lines, anchor, paddles, boat hooks, pumps, etc.

3. Why doesn't Still Water keeps vessels in stock,?
We build our boats ourselves in our shop. Each boat is built to order.  We try to use our space as efficiently as possible and consequently maintain enough for work in progress, but not for inventory.  Quite honestly demand for our various boats is random enough that a boat built for stock would likely clog the works of production from the build list.

4. I haven't placed a purchase order. Can you start building my launch regardless?
No.  We are fair about producing from our build list..  This allows us to provide honest answers to customers questions about the status of their order.  We orders to the build list in the order in which we receive purchase orders and prepayment.

Pricing Policies

5. Why aren't the prices of your products listed online?

At Still Water Design we value interaction with our customers.  It helps us make the best products available.  We are willing to risk losing the attention of an impatient web-surfer for the opportunity to speak directly with a customer.  Don't worry the conversation can be as brief as you like, if you just need a ballpark price for budgeting purposes we will be happy to oblige.

6. Do you offer any kinds of discounts?

We offer a 10% discount for full prepayment.  Purchases made by purchase order are at full price.  If your organization can't fully prepay, please call us and we can discuss a discount for a deposit with the balance due before the boat leaves the shop.

Many of our customers are non-profit or otherwise can barely afford our products.  We do our best to keep our prices as low a possible, but consequently cannot offer additional discounts.   There is a strong re-sale market for our products and suggest that customers with tight budgets look into purchasing used.  While we do not directly broker previously owned boats we would be happy to let you know of any that may be available.

7. I've shopped around and found a launch for less, can you price match?
We would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss the situation, please call us.  If we are unable to differentiate our product from a competitors we won't be offended if you buy theirs.  We plan to be here the next time you are ready to make a purchase.

8. I've ordered a number of boats to be built; can I get a bulk rate?
Since we build your boats individually in a relatively small shop there are no economies of scale.  The best we can do is suggest that shipping costs are greatly reduced with larger orders.

Shipping and Delivery

9. How do you ship your boats?
Most boats leave the shop in shipping containers or by common carrier. We do our best able to combine customer shipments so that they share shipping costs.

10. Can I come pick up my order from you in person?
Yes! This is always an option when you order from us. This could reduce shipping costs - though shared shipments and one way common carrier shipments are often quite economical.  If you do choose to pick up your boat you can have it as soon as it is ready and you can see our shop.


11. I have a deadline for when I will need my order. Can I have it by then?
We do not offer firm delivery dates for anything we manufacture. We can offer reasonable estimates and straight forward information about work in progress.  We always encourage customers to place an order three months before they need something and we almost always can meet their expectations.

12. What can I do to speed up the turnaround time for my order?
There are a few things you can do to speed up the turnaround time on your order. The first, and by far the most important, is to make sure we receive your payment or purchase order in a timely fashion. Anything you can do to stay on top of that aspect of the process helps. You can also pick up your boat from the shop as soon as it is ready to avoid shipping delays. In some cases we may be able to rush an order by working overtime.  We don't really like to work this way but can sometimes do so for an additional 15% fee.

13. What types of things will slow down how long it takes to complete my order?

The biggest delay usually occurs in getting us a purchase order or prepayment.  Often customers find that even after they receive their boats they continue to wait for the delivery of their motors, so order them early as well.

All kinds of things can happen in a boat shop and we simply can't ship a boat until it is finished.

Safety, Proper Usage of Vessels

14. How many people can fit on my launch?

18 Solo: Designed for one (1) driver and at most one (1) passenger. Low-wake performance degrades rapidly with even one passenger. Rescue capacity an Eight (nine (9) persons). If you routinely carry a passenger, we recommend the Duo 18.

Duo 18: Designed for one (1) driver and one (1) passenger. Low-wake performance degrades rapidly with additional weight. Rescue capacity an Eight (nine (9) persons). If you routinely carry more than a single passenger, we recommend the 25XL.

25XL: Designed for one (1) driver and up to four (4) passengers. Low-wake performance degrades after this point. Rescue capacity two or more Eights (eighteen plus (18+) persons).

Newick32: Designed for one (1) driver and up to eight to ten (8-10) passengers. Great platform for those that routinely bring groups of guests out with them. Same rescue capacity as the 25XL.

NOTE: It is is possible to overload even the largest of launches or barges. Use your good judgement. Do not count on equipment, and always practice sound seamanship. The best tools can not be a substitute for experience or proper safety technique.

15. What should I know about the durability of my vessel?
All of our launches, barges, and kayaks are made to withstand the tests of time with proper use. Dock with care and avoid dropping heavy objects on the deck. Our hulls have some give as part of their construction, but avoid banging them into rocks or other blunt objects during use (including other vehicles). Our boats are built light, but with a nod to balancing lightness and toughness. You can expect them to last you a long time if you treat them with care.

16. Do you have any advice for docking my new purchase?
Always dock with care (using bumpers) and remove from the water gently and cautiously.

17. I plan to use my new vehicle in a way for which it was not designed; is that okay?
The most important thing is to always exercise good seamanship; it is the key to safety on the water. Call us if you are unsure.

Maintenance and Storage

18. How should I store my new launch?
Your new launch is designed for either dry or wet storage. If you are to leave it in the water, try to keep it covered or out of direct sunlight. It is recommended that for wet storage you paint your vessel with anti-fouling paint after proper sanding and prepping. Please ask us if you are unsure as to what this entails. Always make sure your barge or launch is pumped out when necessary and is docked with appropriate bumpers or stand-offs. Remove your vessel from icy winter waters - be sure that all water has been pumped from the hulls before pulling the boat from the water.

For dry storage, do not leave your vessel on asphalt as the heat in the summer can cause damage. Keep out of intense direct sunlight and prevent water from accumulating inside the boat.  Upside down storage can be an easy way to keep the water out.. Always keep your boat at temperatures below 140F.

19. How should I clean my new launch, and how often?
Your launch can be cleaned with most over the counter cleaning products. We recommend basic soap and water. Ask us if you are unsure if a certain product is safe for seams or the components we have used to construct our launches. Avoid harsh scrubbing materials when possible. Always check parts that may need lubrication, and remove any accrued mold or other natural complications.

20. Are there certain parts or spots I should check up on, and how often?
It is recommended that you routinely check and lubricate your fasteners with anti-seize or marine grease. Check your steering mechanisms and your motor before use. In general, exercising good seamanship will be your key to the most enjoyment and productivity from your new vessel.

21. What is the average lifespan of your boats? Are they built to last?
The average lifespan of our boats can exceed several decades with proper care and maintenance. They are most certainly built to last, so do your best to treat them well and they will treat you well in return. Our reputation is based on our products being a good value, both as a new purchase and down the line. We make no formal warranty on our products outside of a common sense warranty, but do employ a "happy customer policy", so feel free to discuss with us any issues you may be having with your product.

22. My vessel has recently taken on some damage; how do I fix it?
Holes or perforations in your hull can be the beginning of serious problems, and should be attended to as soon as they are discovered. Most minor issues are user serviceable, though we can offer repair services for extensive damage. Call us for more information.

23. Can I leave my vessel in the water when it is not in use?
Yes, but please remove your vessel from icy winter waters
- be sure that all water has been pumped from the hulls before pulling the boat from the water



There is no such thing as a safe launch. Having a safety launch is no substitute for a coach's good judgement. A launch is a tool, and is designed with a certain intended set of uses and with certain intended methods of usage. You can still have problems if you go out in rough waters or on windy days; run out gas; fail to replace corroded parts; neglect to repair damage; or otherwise behave irresponsibly.

No magic goes into safe boating. Always bring and use your PFDs / Life jackets, always make sure you check conditions and know your route. Bring your radio, lights, cell phone, and have reasonable goals for your outing. There is no such thing as a safe launch, but with the right training and experience, the right launch can help make your time out on the water more dependable.



Jeff Myjak
617 308 5820