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above:front view of kayak

Kayaks are an ancient tradition amongst those that live near bodies of water. Many civilizations have developed them for reasons ranging from hunting and fishing, to transportation, to just plain fun!

Over a hundred years ago Henry Rushton built beautiful double paddle canoes that weighed in at as little as sixteen pounds (16lbs).

A century later, the industry has lowered its standards to mere storage-bin-grade, cheap plastic that is sluggish and weighs 40, 50, 60 lbs. These pigs, though somewhat durable, represent something artless that feels dead and heavy, both in and out of the water.

We at Still Water feel that canoes & kayaks should be built carefully, methodically, one-at-a-time and to a very high standard. The finished vessels should maintain the constitution to withstand abuse over time, but be as light as possible.

Utilizing modern construction and the latest techniques, Still Water's kayaks, at approximately 17 to 20 lbs, are among the lightest in the world. One canoe is a fifteen pound (15lb) minimalist. We pride ourselves on our skill at making lightweight aquatic vessels that retain a negligible amount of wake but a great deal of versatility.

The Kevlar / Carbon core assembly of our kayaks allows for maxmium stiffness and durability formed to our proven hull shape. Easy to paddle, tracks beautifully, and definitely not a speedster. Enjoy the comfort of the vessels reassuring stability.

Find what works right for you with the ability to choose between three (3) cockpit and deck combinations.

Try a standard cockpit with Bungee diamonds fore and aft for storage.

An extra large cockpit cam accomodate grandkids, dogs, and those large fish amongst the catch-of-the-day.

above: top/side view of kayak

kayaks make great gifts. Reward yourself or surprise someone you love with a beautiful, handcrafted vehicle from Still Water Design.

When you order a boat with us, you talk to the people who will actually build your boat. Dick, Russ, or Jeff keep you involved in the birth and maturation of you purchase: a majestic watercraft that is a true spectacle.